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Cobblestones | Concrete

  • Nano-Bau BETON ANTISTAIN impregnation protecting concrete against oil, stains and dirt

    34,90 EUR - 1 229,90 EUR
    Choose a capacity
  • Nano-Bau CONCRETE ARCHITECT Hydrophobic impregnation

    29,90 EUR - 519,90 EUR
    Choose a capacity
  • Nano-Bau BETON PRO - hydrophobic impregnation for concrete products

    39,90 EUR - 569,90 EUR
    Choose a capacity
  • Nano-Bau Split Granite – impregnation for split granite

    45,90 EUR - 499,90 EUR
    Choose a capacity
  • Specialchem ​​Rust clean – preparation for removing rust

    34,90 EUR - 549,90 EUR
    Choose a capacity

It is worth impregnating paving stones for several reasons:

1. Protection against weather conditions: Impregnation allows paving stones to better cope with rain, snow, pollution and other negative weather factors. It protects it against the ingress of water, dirt and chemicals, which can lead to damage and deterioration of appearance.

2. Increasing durability: Impregnating paving stones can increase their durability. Resistance to moisture and other weather conditions allows you to keep the cube in better condition for a longer time. Thanks to this, the cube will look better and will be less susceptible to cracking, peeling or erosion.

3. Ease of cleaning: Impregnated paving stones are easier to clean because the impregnation protects its surface and makes it difficult for dirt to penetrate. Thanks to this, dirt can be easily removed with water or mild detergents.

4. Improving aesthetics: Impregnating paving stones can also improve their appearance. An impregnating coating can give the cube a more uniform color, bringing out its natural beauty. Impregnation can also protect the cube against fading caused by moisture and UV.

It is worth remembering that impregnation of paving stones should be performed regularly approximately every 3-5 years, depending on weather conditions and the intensity of traffic on the surface. In case of any doubts or questions, it is worth consulting our specialist who will be able to advise on appropriate impregnating agents and how to apply them.