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BETONTEC W50 Hydrophobic impregnation for concrete

Product details

BETONTEC W50 Hydrophobic impregnation for concrete

In the face of increasing requirements for the durability and resistance of building materials, the company NANOBIZ introduced a series of products intended for concrete and mineral substrates called BETONTEC. This is a specialized line of preparations whose main task is to protect concrete surfaces against the negative impact of external factors.

Application of nanotechnology in concrete protection:
Thanks to the use of nanotechnology solutions, BETONTEC W50 Hydrophobic impregnation for concrete provides effective protection of concrete accessories, curbs, slabs, palisades, pipes and other elements made of concrete. This product impregnates the material, making it hydrophobic, which means that water and other contaminants are unable to penetrate the concrete. This is crucial to prevent corrosion of concrete reinforcement, as well as to avoid cracks, erosion, moss growth, salt efflorescence and dirt build-up.

Protection against weather conditions:
Impregnation of concrete with the preparation BETONTEC W50 reduces the risk of damage caused by salts transported by water, acid rain and other substances that negatively affect the structure of concrete. Additionally, it protects against micro-cracks and chipping of the material in the autumn and winter, when freezing moisture may cause internal stresses.

Product technical parameters:
Hydrophobic impregnation for concrete BETONTEC W50 it is also characterized by frost-resistant properties, which translates into increased durability and strength of concrete at low temperatures. The product does not change the vapor permeability of concrete after impregnation, which means no clogging of pores and maintaining the ability to diffuse gases and remove water vapor.

Efficiency and penetration depth:
The product is highly efficient and, depending on the amount of preparation used, it can penetrate up to 7 mm into the concrete. Such properties make the impregnation  BETONTEC W50 is an ideal solution both for use on walls, floors and parking lots.

Impregnation BETONTEC W50 combines innovation with efficiency, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an effective way to protect concrete surfaces against harmful external factors. High quality and durability of the impregnation effects guarantee satisfaction with use and long-term investment protection.

Product properties:

  • Ease and safety of use.
  • Applying one layer is enough.
  • Deeply penetrating up to 7 mm.
  • Vapor-permeable impregnation
  • Ecological water formula (VOC-free)
  • Odorless, ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Colorless – no effect on the appearance of the substrate.
  • Resistance to UV radiation, chemicals and extreme temperatures (low and high).
  • Abrasion resistance thanks to deep penetration.


For concrete class C8/10 (B10), C12/15 (B1), C16/20 (B20), C20/25 (B25), C25/30 (B30), all types of concrete slabs and prefabricated elements, curbs, walls and facades , concrete paving stones, pipes, sidewalk circles, screeds, etc.


7 10-m2 per liter – 100 to 150 (ml/m2)

Application methodsi:

garden sprayer, HVLP gun, immersion, roller, brush.


  • It is recommended to use protective glasses and gloves.
  • Plan the impregnation so that after its completion it does not rain for at least 3 hours. At the beginning, always test in an inconspicuous place and check if the effect is desired!
  • Protect plants and all other surfaces not to be impregnated with foil, especially glass and steel. In case of contamination, clean these surfaces immediately with a wet cloth or rinse with water. The surface prepared for impregnation must be clean and dry.
  • It is best to apply the appropriate amount of the preparation on the surface by spraying, but so that the impregnation does not create streaks - apply only as much impregnation as the concrete is able to absorb, the excess should be spread with a brush or removed with a cloth. Leave to dry. ATTENTION! Apply one or two coats but only wet on wet. Tools should be rinsed with running water.

manufacturer's website: www.nanobiz.pl

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