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Nano-Bau BETON PRO - hydrophobic impregnation for concrete products

A modern, nanotechnology-based water impregnation for colorless protection of surfaces made of high-density vibrated concrete with plasticizer additives

Product details

Nano-Bau BETON PRO - hydrophobic impregnation for concrete products

A modern, nanotechnology-based water impregnation for colorless protection of surfaces made of high-density vibrated concrete with additions of plasticizers. The impregnation is extremely effective in impregnating and strongly hydrophobing substrates made of higher classes of concrete, i.e. C25, C30, C35.

The use of the preparation guarantees that water and other impurities do not soak into the substrate made of concrete, thanks to which concrete surfaces are protected against the penetration of salts transported by water, acid rain or other substances that have a negative impact on concrete.

Protection against water penetration into concrete protects against corrosion of reinforcement in concrete substrates, which is responsible for concrete cracking. In addition, impregnation with NANO-BAU Beton Pro inhibits erosion, moss growth, formation of salt efflorescence, or dirt itself and its penetration into the interior the ground.

Hydrophobic impregnation also increases the strength of concrete and its frost resistance. In the autumn and winter, frost makes the concrete more vulnerable to freezing moisture causing internal stresses

and microcracks, and consequently its erosion.

Thanks to the penetration up to a few millimeters, the impregnation is resistant to mechanical abrasion, which allows it to be used on walls as well as on floors or parking lots. The use of nanoparticles guarantees the unchanged vapor permeability after impregnation, the product does not clog pores, does not lubricate and does not limit gas diffusion and water vapor removal.

NANO-BAU Beton Pro impregnation can be used inside and outside buildings.


Low pressure spray (HVLP or garden sprayer), roller, brush, immersion.


10-15 m²/from one liter

Consumption depends on the application technique and the water absorption of the concrete.


It is ideal for impregnation of smooth and vibrated concrete of low water absorption, i.e. concrete pots, concrete accessories, architectural concrete, concrete driveways, concrete facades of buildings, as well as paving slabs or products such as fencing panels and other prefabricated elements.



  • Protects concrete surfaces against dirt, moss and algae growth.
  • Strengthens the material and protects against freezing
  • Does not change the original appearance of concrete - does not grease, does not give gloss
  • Does not slip
  • Prevents the formation of salt and cement efflorescence
  • It does not close the pores of the material - it does not limit vapor permeability
  • Resistant to negative weather conditions and UV rays
  • Long-term operation up to 8 years



 Plan the impregnation so that after its completion it does not rain for at least 3 hours. At the beginning, always test in an inconspicuous place and check if the effect is desired!

Protect plants and all other surfaces not to be impregnated with foil, especially glass and steel. In case of contamination, clean these surfaces immediately with a wet cloth or rinse with water. The surface prepared for impregnation must be clean and dry.

It is best to apply the appropriate amount of the preparation on the surface by spraying, but so that the impregnation does not create streaks - apply only as much impregnation as the concrete is able to absorb, the excess should be spread with a brush or removed with a cloth. Leave to dry.

ATTENTION! Apply one or two coats but only wet on wet.

Tools should be rinsed with running water.

Why is it worth using NANO-BAU CONCRETE PRO, an innovative nanotechnological, water-based impregnation for colorless protection of surfaces made of high-density vibrated concrete.


High-density concrete is a material commonly used in construction due to its strength, durability and resistance to various weather conditions. However, even such a solid material requires proper protection to remain in excellent condition for many years. The preparation can be used for this purpose NANO-BAU CONCRETE PRO, using the achievements of nanotechnology.


NANO-BAU CONCRETE PRO is a modern water impregnation based on advanced nanotechnology. Thanks to its chemical bond to the substrate, it is exceptionally effective and durable in impregnating and hydrophobizing surfaces made of high-density vibrated concrete. The small size of the particles means that the impregnation penetrates approximately 8 mm into the concrete structure, providing abrasion- and weather-resistant protection against water, reinforcement corrosion, salt efflorescence and other harmful substances.


Why is it worth using? NANO-BAU CONCRETE PRO? First of all, this impregnation effectively protects the concrete surface against moisture, rain, snow, ice and acid rain. Thanks to this, the concrete remains unchanged for at least 6 years after impregnation.


Another advantage is the fact that NANO-BAU CONCRETE PRO it is colorless, which means it does not change the appearance, gloss, color and aesthetics of the concrete surface. It preserves its natural appearance while ensuring high protection effectiveness.


This impregnation can be successfully used on surfaces made of higher classes of concrete, such as C25, C30, C35. These are concretes that are more durable, are subject to greater loads and are often exposed to high mechanical loads. Use NANO-BAU CONCRETE PRO on this type of surfaces allows to increase their durability and resistance to the degrading effects of external factors.


Our nanotechnology-based impregnation also offers other benefits. Thanks to strong hydrophobization, the concrete surface becomes resistant to the absorption of dirt and the growth of microorganisms, such as moss, mold and algae. Thanks to this, impregnated objects are easier and cheaper to keep clean, which is very important in the case of surfaces in urban and public architecture areas, such as walls, sidewalks, parking lots or building facades.


It is also worth noting that NANO-BAU CONCRETE PRO is safe for the environment. This impregnation does not contain substances that are toxic or harmful to health, which is a big advantage nowadays, when more and more attention is paid to environmental protection.


To sum up, the use of a modern, nanotechnology-based, water-based impregnation NANO-BAU CONCRETE PRO on surfaces made of high-density vibrated concrete, such as C25, C30, C35, it is a solution that provides comprehensive protection and extends the life of the surface. It offers vapor-permeable, colorless protection, effective hydrophobization and resistance to dirt. In addition, this product is environmentally friendly, which is another advantage. Thanks to the middle NANO-BAU CONCRETE PRO, concrete surfaces can retain their aesthetics and durability for many years, which is of great importance in the context of construction and maintenance of public infrastructure.

The NANO-BAU brand is the result of the synergy of the extensive commercial knowledge of Mrs. Izabela Jasińska-Ryguła, who for years managed sales departments in renowned construction warehouses, and the advanced technological achievements of NANOBIZ.PL Sp. z o. o. The latter has pioneered the development of the Polish nanotechnology sector since 2007, introducing innovative solutions to the market. In 2021, thanks to the combination of these two areas of competence, we managed to create the NANO-BAU brand, which successfully responds to the growing requirements of specialists in the construction industry. This company, using the latest achievements in the field of nanotechnology, offers products of the highest quality that are adapted to the current and future needs of the construction market.

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