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NANO-BAU impregnation for pebbles

NANOBAU Impregnation for pebbles is a high-quality water preparation for colorless impregnation of pebbles, grits, natural stones, etc. The impregnation perfectly protects stone surfaces against algae, soiling, moss growth and cracking for many years. Thanks to the use of silane nanoparticles, stones used in garden architecture, gabions, etc. will retain their original appearance and purity for many years.

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NANO-BAU impregnation for pebbles

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NANO-BAU pebble impregnation is a high-quality water-based preparation for the colorless impregnation of pebbles, grit, natural stones, etc.

The impregnation perfectly protects stone surfaces against algae, dirt, moss growth and cracking for many years. Thanks to the use of silane nanoparticles, stones used in garden architecture, gabions, etc. will retain their original appearance and purity for many years.

Impregnation gives the surface of the stone a beading effect, i.e. a hydrophobic effect, which guarantees effective protection against the absorption of water, moisture and impurities inside the stone structure.


pebbles, grits, stone mosaics in every color


  • protects against the formation of mosses, lichens and green blooms
  • protects against dirt, stains, water, moisture
  • gives hydrophobic properties
  • stones become easy to clean
  • highly efficient
  • works up to 5 years
  • does not change the color of the stone
  • resistant to external factors, low and UV radiation
  • does not contain silicones, waxes or oils - does not give shine


7 – 10 m2 per liter

Application methods:

garden sprinkler spray

How to use:

  1. Plan the impregnation so that after its completion it does not rain for at least 3 hours. At the beginning, always test in an inconspicuous place and check if the effect is desired!
  2. Protect plants and all other surfaces not to be impregnated with foil, especially glass and steel. In case of contamination, clean these surfaces immediately with a wet cloth or rinse with water. The surface prepared for impregnation must be clean and dry.
  3. It is best to apply the appropriate amount of the preparation on the surface by spraying, but so that the impregnation does not create stains - apply only as much impregnation as the stone is able to absorb, the excess should be spread with a brush or removed with a cloth. Leave to dry.
  4. ATTENTION! Apply one or two coats but only wet on wet. Tools should be rinsed with running water.

How to protect white pebbles from darkening? NANO-BAU impregnation is the solution!

White pebbles are a beautiful decorative element in gardens. Their light color gives the space elegance and freshness. Unfortunately, many owners of surrounding stones experience frustration when they notice that their white pebbles darken over time. They are understandably concerned and are looking for effective solutions to preserve the original splendor of their pebbles.

In such cases, NANO-BAU impregnation is just what you need. This innovative impregnation is created specifically to protect pebbles against darkening and loss of color, so you can enjoy their beauty for a long time.

NANO-BAU PEBBLE IMPREGNANT uses advanced nanoparticle technology that penetrates deeply into the stone structure. It creates an invisible protective layer that effectively prevents dirt, impurities and moisture from penetrating deep into the pebbles. Thanks to this, the white pebbles remain bright and clean, regardless of the influence of atmospheric factors.

The process of protecting pebbles with NANO-BAU impregnation is simple and extremely effective. To start, make sure the surface of the pebbles is clean and dry. Then spread the impregnation evenly on the stone surface, this can be done using a brush or roller. For larger areas, a sprayer can also be an effective tool.

After applying the NANO-BAU impregnation, allow it to absorb into the stone. Absorption time may vary depending on the product, so it is worth reading the instructions for use or consulting the manufacturer for exact guidelines. After the appropriate time has passed, remove excess impregnation and leave the pebbles to dry.

NANO-BAU impregnation has many advantages. In addition to protecting against darkening, it also provides long-lasting protection against UV radiation, which can damage the stone and accelerate its degradation. Moreover, the impregnation is waterproof, which means that the pebbles will be resistant to moisture and will not absorb dirt, which makes them easier to clean and keep clean.

NANO-BAU PEBBLE IMPREGNATION is an effective solution for people looking for a way to preserve the beauty and brightness of their white pebbles. Thanks to it, the pebbles will look great for many years, regardless of the influence of weather conditions. It is worth investing in this impregnation and enjoying the long-lasting effect it provides.

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The NANO-BAU brand is the result of the synergy of the extensive commercial knowledge of Mrs. Izabela Jasińska-Ryguła, who for years managed sales departments in renowned construction warehouses, and the advanced technological achievements of NANOBIZ.PL Sp. z o. o. The latter has pioneered the development of the Polish nanotechnology sector since 2007, introducing innovative solutions to the market. In 2021, thanks to the combination of these two areas of competence, we managed to create the NANO-BAU brand, which successfully responds to the growing requirements of specialists in the construction industry. This company, using the latest achievements in the field of nanotechnology, offers products of the highest quality that are adapted to the current and future needs of the construction market.

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