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NANO-BAU INJECTION BLOCK is an advanced nanotechnological injection product that was developed specifically for drying walls, walls and other mineral substrates.

Product details


NANO-BAU INJECTION BLOCK for drying is an advanced nanotechnology product that has been developed especially for drying walls, walls and other mineral substrates. Its main purpose is to create a horizontal diaphragm that effectively protects against capillary rising of water. This preparation can be used in both gravity and pressure methods.

The biggest advantage of NANO-BAU INJECTION BLOCK is the fact that it does not contain traditional resins. Instead, the composition of the preparation is based on highly penetrating nanoparticles of hydrophobic silanes, which allows for many times greater penetration of the wall and fewer holes compared to resin preparations available on the market. After penetrating deep into the substrate, the particles chemically bond with it for over 50 years.

NANO-BAU INJECTION BLOCK stands out from injection creams thanks to its alcohol content, which allows much better penetration, especially in damp walls. This preparation can be used on both dry and damp walls thanks to the principle of liquid association.

NANO-BAU INJECTION BLOCK can also be applied to surfaces when injections are impossible or ineffective. This is particularly important in situations where the source of moisture is not capillary rising, but the penetration of rainwater through the walls, poor vertical or horizontal insulation or the occurrence of poor ventilation and thermal bridges. Moisture in building materials leads to the development of molds and fungi that are toxic to health.

Another advantage of using NANO-BAU INJECTION BLOCK is the ability to paint the surface or apply plaster, putty or gypsum plaster. This preparation not only effectively dries the walls, but also allows for an aesthetic surface finish. It is also worth paying attention to the thermal insulation properties of the walls. Dry wall is an insulator, so keeping building walls low in humidity results in lower heating or air conditioning bills.

To sum up, NANO-BAU INJECTION BLOCK is an innovative injection preparation that is an excellent solution for drying walls, walls and substrates. Its advantages, such as penetration efficiency, ability to be used on various types of walls, and ability to be applied to aesthetic surfaces and finishes, make it an extremely valuable product in the construction industry.


  • basements,
  • attics,
  • terraces and balconies,
  • building facades,


  • Effectively combats moisture in the structure of buildings on the surface
  • Reduces the risk of fungi and mold formation
  • It dries the material and protects it against re-penetration
  • It does not negatively affect the technical properties of building materials

Product application:

Preparation for injection as a seal for capillaries in concrete, brick and stone walls and substrates.

How to use:


  • Injection involves drilling holes in the walls and injecting the appropriate amount of fluid into them.
  • It is recommended to make holes approximately every 12 - 15 cm at an angle of approximately 15 - 30 degrees, to a depth of approximately 80% of the total depth of the wall.
  • Holes can be drilled in a zigzag pattern, lower and higher, so that the drilling axes are approximately 10 cm apart.
  • perform a pressure injection of the preparation or use an injection funnel to introduce the appropriate amount of liquid.
  • Pressure injection is recommended mainly for very moist substrates.
  • It is recommended to pour about 50 ml to 80 ml of liquid for every 10 cm of the length of the injection hole.


  • Ensure the room is well ventilated.
  • Use on a vacuumed surface. If there are coatings such as oil paint, they should be removed, sanded or scored so that the agent can penetrate the substrate.
  • Apply the preparation by spraying, brushing or roller until the substrate is thoroughly soaked.
  • Flammable. When spraying, take appropriate precautions. In the case of spray application, use only mechanical, not electric, sprayers.
  • Leave it to dry.

The NANO-BAU brand is the result of the synergy of the extensive commercial knowledge of Mrs. Izabela Jasińska-Ryguła, who for years managed sales departments in renowned construction warehouses, and the advanced technological achievements of NANOBIZ.PL Sp. z o. o. The latter has pioneered the development of the Polish nanotechnology sector since 2007, introducing innovative solutions to the market. In 2021, thanks to the combination of these two areas of competence, we managed to create the NANO-BAU brand, which successfully responds to the growing requirements of specialists in the construction industry. This company, using the latest achievements in the field of nanotechnology, offers products of the highest quality that are adapted to the current and future needs of the construction market.

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