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The hydrophobic impregnation based on nanotechnology uses nano-sized silicon particles that react permanently with the surface structure of natural stone and stone veneers for many years.

Product details


NANO-BAU STONE VENEERE Impregnation is an innovative solution based on nanotechnology that provides lasting protection of natural stone and stone veneers against moisture and pollution. Thanks to the use of nano-sized silicon particles, the impregnation reacts with the surface structure of natural stone and veneers, creating an invisible hydrophobic nano-coating.

One of the most important advantages of hydrophobic impregnation is its ability to repel water. Thanks to this, the surface of the stone and veneers remains dry, which prevents moisture from penetrating into the material. This protection is particularly important in the case of facade plasters that are exposed to rain, snow or ice.

NANO-BAU STONE VENEERE impregnation Impregnation also protects against the deposition of dirt on the plaster surface. The hydrophobic coating prevents the deposition of soot, dirt, dust and other contaminants, which allows you to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the facade for a long time. Moreover, impregnation protects against the formation of green and gray lichens, fungi, molds and mosses.

It is worth emphasizing that the hydrophobic impregnation NANO-BAU STONE VENEER Impregnation not only protects against moisture and pollution, but also helps maintain the original degree of thermal insulation of buildings. This coating also has self-cleaning properties, which makes it easier to keep the plaster surface clean.

Efficiency: 40ml/m2

How to use: 

  1. Recommended application tools include a garden sprinkler, paint spray gun (HVLP), brush or roller.
  2. Before application, cover glass and metal surfaces with foil. If they get dirty, clean them as soon as possible.
  3. Use on a clean and dry surface.
  4. Shake the package before use.
  5. Apply the impregnator evenly to the plaster surface to slightly moisten it. The preparation is recommended to be applied in one or two layers using the wet-on-wet technique.
  6. After applying the impregnation, leave the plaster to dry for about 3 hours.
  7. After drying, you can check whether the impregnation has created a hydrophobic impregnation by pouring water on it. If the water does not soak into the plaster and beads on the surface, it means that the impregnation is working properly.


To sum up, NANO-BAU STONE VENEERE Impregnation is an innovative solution that provides lasting protection of natural stone and stone veneers against moisture and contamination. Thanks to this, building facades maintain their aesthetic appearance for a long time, and their thermal insulation remains at a high level.

The NANO-BAU brand is the result of the synergy of the extensive commercial knowledge of Mrs. Izabela Jasińska-Ryguła, who for years managed sales departments in renowned construction warehouses, and the advanced technological achievements of NANOBIZ.PL Sp. z o. o. The latter has pioneered the development of the Polish nanotechnology sector since 2007, introducing innovative solutions to the market. In 2021, thanks to the combination of these two areas of competence, we managed to create the NANO-BAU brand, which successfully responds to the growing requirements of specialists in the construction industry. This company, using the latest achievements in the field of nanotechnology, offers products of the highest quality that are adapted to the current and future needs of the construction market.

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