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SmartBlond agent for cleaning and care of panels and parquets

A new generation liquid for cleaning floor panels, parquets and wooden surfaces based on nanotechnology. Effectively removes dust, dirt and other impurities. Thanks to the content of nano-waxes, it deepens the natural color of the cleaned surface and gives a glossy effect. The liquid leaves an active layer on the cleaned surface, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and mites.

Nanosilver particles give the surface deodorizing properties. SmartBlond for cleaning panels prevents dust from settling, which allows you to keep surfaces clean for longer. Does not leave streaks or stains. The product is recommended for allergy sufferers.


Product details


SmartBlond agent for cleaning and care of panels and parquets

How to use:

The liquid should be spread evenly on the surface to be cleaned and then wiped with a clean cloth or mop

Product application:

floor panels, wooden doors, parquets.


  • protects panels and parquet from dirt
  • does not create a slippery layer
  • leaves a protective layer of waxes
  • does not contain lubricating silicones
  • antistatic - repels dust
  • solvent-free (VOC-free)
  • leaves silver nanoparticles
  • organic water-based recipe

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