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SMARTBLOND® for cleaning and caring for wooden surfaces

A new generation liquid for cleaning wooden surfaces based on nanotechnology. Effectively removes dust, dirt and fingerprints. Thanks to the content of nano-waxes, it deepens the natural color of the cleaned surface and gives a glossy effect. The liquid leaves an active layer on the cleaned surface, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and mites.

Nanosilver particles give the surface deodorizing properties. SmartBlond Furniture Cleaner prevents dust from settling, which allows you to keep surfaces clean for longer. Does not leave streaks or stains. The product is recommended for allergy sufferers.

Product details

SMARTBLOND® for cleaning and caring for wooden surfaces


SMARTBLOND® is a specialized preparation that was created for cleaning and caring for various types of furniture. Its use is versatile and includes wooden furniture, floor panels, wooden doors and parquet floors. Thanks to its unique properties, SMARTBLOND® guarantees effective and safe cleaning, leaving surfaces in perfect condition.

One of the most important features SMARTBLOND® is its gentleness towards wooden surfaces. The preparation not only effectively removes dirt, but also protects the wood against damage. Thanks to the protective layer of waxes, the furniture takes on a new shine and becomes more resistant to mechanical damage.

Another advantage SMARTBLOND® is its formula that does not contain lubricating silicones. Thanks to this, the preparation does not leave unsightly streaks or a greasy layer on the surface of the furniture. Additionally, SMARTBLOND® has an antistatic effect, repelling dust and preventing it from settling on cleaned surfaces.

It is also worth emphasizing that SMARTBLOND® does not contain solvents, which makes it safe for the user and the environment. The preparation was created without the use of VOCs, which is important for people who care about ecology and are looking for products with the least negative impact on the natural environment.

One of the innovative ingredients SMARTBLOND® are silver nanoparticles. They have antibacterial and antifungal properties, which makes the furniture not only clean, but also free from microorganisms. Silver nanoparticles are safe for humans and do not cause allergies or skin irritations.

The last but equally important feature SMARTBLOND® is its ecological, water-based recipe. The preparation does not contain harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly. Thanks to this, it can be used without fear of negative impact on human health and ecosystems.

Summarizing, SMARTBLOND® is an innovative product for cleaning and caring for furniture, which guarantees effective removal of dirt and long-term protection of wooden surfaces. Its delicate formula, lack of harmful chemicals and antistatic effect make it SMARTBLOND® is the perfect choice for all those looking for a professional and ecological solution for furniture care.


The liquid should be spread evenly on the surface to be cleaned and then wiped with a clean cloth or microfiber.

Product application:

wooden furniture, floor panels, wooden doors, parquet floors.


  • gentle on wooden surfaces
  • leaves a protective layer of waxes
  • does not contain lubricating silicones
  • antistatic - repels dust
  • solvent-free (VOC-free)
  • leaves silver nanoparticles
  • organic water-based recipe

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