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NANOAUTO NANO WIPER in the form of a two-component sachet is an extraordinary set of two preparations that ensure comprehensive cleaning, protection and hydrophobization of car windows. Thanks to the special coating, driving in the rain becomes much easier and safer, and not having to use wipers is an undeniable advantage.

Product details


SMARTBLOND® NANO WIPER cloth is an innovative solution that will help every driver in difficult weather conditions. Thanks to this product, driving in the rain will become much easier and safer. You will no longer have to worry about visibility on the road.

This two-component sachet contains special preparations that will make your car windows clean, protected and hydrophobic. Thanks to this, traditional wipers will be able to remove all kinds of dirt, such as insects, frost or ice. Daily operation of your vehicle will become much easier and more comfortable.

The most important advantage of SMARTBLOND® NANO WIPER is its long-lasting effect. After using the preparation, the effect lasts up to 12 months. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy clean and safe windows all year round. This is undoubtedly a unique advantage of this product.

The sachet form makes the application of SMARTBLOND® NANO WIPERS not only easy, but also quick. Just open the sachet and apply the preparation to your windows. It's so simple that anyone can cope with this task.

If you value safety, comfort and durability, the SMARTBLOND® NANO WIPER is just for you. Don't waste time fighting dirt on your car windows. Choose SMARTBLOND® NANO WIPER and enjoy clean windows all year round!

The advantages of a nano wiper are numerous and improve the quality of use of the car.

  • The first is the ease of removing insects. Thanks to the nano wiper, you no longer have to waste time and energy on intensively wiping insects off the glass surface. One or two swipes of the wiper are enough to get rid of them effectively.
  • Another advantage is saving windshield washer fluid. The nano wiper creates a hydrophobic protective layer on the glass, which means that less liquid is needed for effective cleaning. This allows you to save up to 80% on the cost of windshield washer fluid, which is good for both your wallet and the environment.
  • The nano wiper also allows you to drive in the rain without the need to use traditional wipers. The layer of nanoparticles on the glass surface effectively drains water, ensuring bright and clear visibility even during heavy rainfall.
  • Another advantage is the ease of removing road salt from windows. Winter weather conditions often involve the use of road salt, which deposits on car windows and reduces visibility. The nano wiper makes it easier to remove road salt, so you can keep your windows clean and have excellent visibility on the road.
  • Last but not least is the significant improvement in visibility in difficult weather conditions. Thanks to the nano wiper, you can be sure that visibility on the road will be much better, even in difficult weather conditions. The protective layer of nanoparticles effectively drains water, reducing the risk of blurring and improving driving safety. All these advantages make the nano wiper an extremely useful and valuable solution for every driver.

How to use: 

STEP 1 (cleaning)

  • *Use on washed and dry glass! **Do not use on hot glass.
  • Open the cleaning cloth (step 1) and thoroughly clean the glass surface.
  • When the cleaning cloth has dried, polish the entire degreased surface with it again. You can also use a clean paper towel for this
  • Do not touch the glass with your fingers.

STEP 2 (securing)

  • Open the protective cloth (step 2) and, without unrolling the entire cloth at once, wipe the surface of the glass with linear movements so that a damp trace remains.
  • When the entire surface has been covered, use the same cloth to polish the protected glass to remove any streaks.
  • After applying NANO WIPER, the glass should not come into contact with water or rain for a minimum of two hours.


the sachet is enough for one passenger car

Coating durability:

approximately 1 year or 20.000 km

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