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SPECIALCHEM BRUK BASIC is a specialized impregnation for protecting paving stones and concrete slabs. Provides protection against dirt and moisture. Thanks to silane-based nanotechnology, it guarantees effective results for 5 years.

Product details


SPECIALCHEM BRUK BASIC Impregnation is a specialized impregnation, dedicated to protecting paving stones and concrete slabs. Its main purpose is to protect the surface from dirt and limit moisture absorption. Thanks to the use of nanotechnology based on silane molecules, this impregnation method guarantees extremely effective and durable results, regardless of the type of material.

Silane molecules, which constitute the basis of the impregnation, adhere perfectly to the impregnated structures. Thanks to this, after applying SPECIALCHEM BRUK BASIC Impregnation, the surfaces of the paving stones become resistant to dirt and resistant to growth by mosses and lichens. Moreover, in winter, impregnation facilitates the process of snow removal and de-icing, and the aesthetics of the paving stones remains intact for a long time.

It is worth emphasizing that SPECIALCHEM BRUK BASIC Impregnation does not contain oily substances, which means that it does not change the color of the impregnated surfaces. Additionally, the impregnation is resistant to UV radiation, which translates into its durability and effectiveness over a long period of use.

To sum up, SPECIALCHEM BRUK BASIC is an innovative product that provides comprehensive protection for paving stones. Thanks to its use, you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of the surface for many years. Additionally, the ease of application makes the impregnation process simple and convenient for the user.

Application methods:

It is recommended to use a garden sprayer, roller or brush

How to use:

  • Use on a clean and dry bar. Plan the impregnation so that there is no rainfall for 6 hours after impregnation.
  • Test the impregnation on a part of the block in an inconspicuous place to see if the effect is expected.
  • Apply a layer of impregnation to the prepared surface. Apply one or two layers wet on wet.
  • Leave it to dry.


about 5 years


7 to 10 m2 from 1 l. Consumption depends on the application technique and the degree of absorption of the impregnated surface.

1l: 7 – 10 m2,

5l: 35 to 50 m2

10l: 70 – 100 m2

20l: 140 – 200 m2


Impregnation of paving stones, washed stones with sprinkles, old paving stones, curbs and palisades in parking lots, terraces, under driveways, etc.


  • resistance to negative weather conditions,
  • does not affect the surface and color of the paving stone surface
  • strengthening and protecting the concrete surface against dirt for up to 5 years
  • does not close the pores - the material still breathes
  • 100% protection against cracking and erosion it against cracking and erosion
  • reducing the risk of lichens, mosses and algae

It is worth impregnating paving stones for several reasons:

1. Protection against weather conditions: Impregnation allows paving stones to better cope with rain, snow, pollution and other negative weather factors. It protects it against the ingress of water, dirt and chemicals, which can lead to damage and deterioration of appearance.

2. Increasing durability: Impregnating paving stones can increase their durability. Resistance to moisture and other weather conditions allows you to keep the cube in better condition for a longer time. Thanks to this, the cube will look better and will be less susceptible to cracking, peeling or erosion.

3. Ease of cleaning: Impregnated paving stones are easier to clean because the impregnation protects its surface and makes it difficult for dirt to penetrate. Thanks to this, dirt can be easily removed with water or mild detergents.

4. Improving aesthetics: Impregnating paving stones can also improve their appearance. An impregnating coating can give the cube a more uniform color, bringing out its natural beauty. Impregnation can also protect the cube against fading caused by moisture and UV.

It is worth remembering that impregnation of paving stones should be performed regularly approximately every 3-5 years, depending on weather conditions and the intensity of traffic on the surface. In case of any doubts or questions, it is worth consulting our specialist who will be able to advise on appropriate impregnating agents and how to apply them.


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