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Specialchem ​​Rust clean – preparation for removing rust

Acid-free, highly effective Rust Clean gently and reliably removes even old tarnish and rust stains. It does not contain acids that are destructive to most surfaces, such as concrete, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc. It is safe for the user and does not change color or damage the substrate. 

Perfectly removes even old rust deposits, which arose as a result of ferrous water or corrosive objects left on the substrate. 

Product details

Specialchem ​​Rust clean – preparation for removing rust

Rust is a common problem that can destroy the aesthetics and structure of various building and finishing materials. Fighting corrosion is a challenge, especially when we want to keep the structure and appearance of the cleaned surfaces intact. There is a product available on the market that deals with this problem in a safe and effective way - Specialchem ​​Rust Clean.

Specialchem ​​Rust Clean is an innovative rust remover that has been developed for delicate and sensitive surfaces. Its unique acid-free formula ensures effective operation without the risk of damaging the substrate. The product does not contain aggressive acids that could adversely affect materials such as concrete, marble, sandstone or limestone.

The use of the preparation is simple and safe for the user, and does not change the color of the cleaned surfaces. Specialchem ​​Rust Clean is characterized by deep penetration, which allows you to remove even old rust deposits resulting from long-term exposure to iron-laden water or corrosion of metal objects.

Scope of application:
This preparation is an ideal solution for cleaning rust stains on various surfaces, including concrete, stone (granite, marble), facades and paving stones. It can be used in both residential and commercial spaces where maintaining the aesthetics and integrity of the material is crucial.

Additional properties:
Specialchem ​​Rust Clean not only deals with rust, but also removes other contaminants that may have settled on stone or concrete. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly product - it is not toxic to plants, which makes it suitable for use in gardens and outdoors.


cleaning rust stains on concrete, stone, granite and marble surfaces as well as facades and paving stones.  


  • suitable for delicate surfaces sensitive to acids
  • strong penetration depth without damaging the stone surface
  • also removes other impurities
  • it is not toxic to plants
  • reacts with iron oxides, dissolving them

How to use:

  • Use protective gloves. Make a test in an inconspicuous place to see if the effect is expected.
  • On a dry and pre-cleaned surface, spray or apply the preparation with a brush to surfaces covered with rust. After a few seconds, the preparation will change its color to intense red. After 5-10 minutes, rinse with water. If all rust deposits are not removed, the operation should be repeated until successful. 
  • Tools should be rinsed with water.

Specialchem ​​Rust Clean is a modern solution for those who are looking for an effective and safe way to get rid of the problem of rust. Its unique formula makes it a unique product on the cleaning products market, which combines effectiveness with gentleness to cleaned surfaces.


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