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Specialchem ​​WET LOOK “Wet Effect” impregnation for paving

Specialchem ​​Wet Look impregnation is a specially developed product that gives colored paving stones a wet surface effect. It is perfect for refreshing and emphasizing the intense color of the cube and adding color depth. Thanks to its formula, the hydrophobic impregnation protects the cube against water ingress, streaks, stains and other contaminants.

The use of Specialchem ​​Wet Look impregnation allows for long-term protection of the color of paving stones and against weather conditions, contributing to maintaining their aesthetics for many years. This product also offers color fade resistance, meaning the cube will look attractive for many years.

Specialchem ​​Wet Look impregnation is easy to apply and quickly penetrates the structure of the block, ensuring even color and lasting protection. This is an ideal solution both for professional pavers and for people who want to take care of the attractive appearance of their pavers themselves.

Give your paving stones a wet surface effect and excellent protection with Specialchem ​​Wet Look impregnation.

Product details

Specialchem ​​WET LOOK “Wet Effect” impregnation for paving

A product for impregnation of paving stones, giving the effect of a "wet surface" - deepening the color. The applied formula provides long-term protection against dirt, water and stains. In addition, thanks to nanoparticles, we obtain a STAYCLEAN surface, which is easy to clean. In winter, it facilitates ice removal and snow removal. Hydrophobic, protecting against water and stains. Resistant to UV and bad weather conditions. Reduces the risk of fungus and mold The material becomes resistant to dirt, water and stains.


  • wet surface effect
  • color deepening
  • long-term protection against dirt and water
  • resistance to UV radiation and bad weather conditions
  • STAYCLEAN surface makes cleaning easy
  • easy removal of snow and ice from the impregnated surface

Product application:

Preparation for impregnation of dyed paving stones and washed paving stones with sprinkles, old paving stones, palisades, pavements, parking lots.

ATTENTION! It is not recommended to use on NON-DYED gray or white cubes!!!

Efficiency: 10-15 m²/*1L. Consumption depends on the application technique and the absorbability of the impregnated material.


Application methods:

garden sprayer, HVLP gun


How to use:

First, clean the material so that the surface is clean and dry.

Sprayers used for application must not be wet with water - they must be dried or flushed with solvent.

Apply the preparation in the form of a fine mist on the prepared cube by spraying. (Too much impregnation applied in one layer can significantly prolong its drying.)

When applying the impregnation, the material should thoroughly absorb the product.

It is recommended to apply two layers at intervals of at least half an hour.

By applying a second layer, you will strengthen the darkening effect.

Paving stones should not come into contact with water for about 5 hours after impregnation.


Composition: aliphatic hydrocarbons <90%, polymers, siloxanes.


Security and storage:

Follow basic health and safety rules. Keep the product tightly closed and out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact of the preparation with skin and eyes. Before use, it is recommended to read the technical data sheet of the preparation. Store in the temperature range of 5-30 C.

It is worth impregnating paving stones with SPECIALCHEM WET LOOK impregnation for the following reasons:

  1. Protection against moisture: Impregnation of paving stones with a wet effect creates a durable coating that protects against moisture penetration into the structure of the stones. Moisture can cause all sorts of problems, such as freeze-thaw damage, mold, and algae growth. The impregnation prevents these problems.
  2. Dirt prevention: The wet effect impregnation creates a protective coating on the surface of the paving stones, which makes it difficult for dirt such as oils, greases, drink stains or other substances to penetrate. This makes the cube easier to keep clean and dirt can be removed more easily.
  3. Increasing durability: Impregnation protects paving stones against various external factors, such as UV radiation, weather conditions, e.g. rain, snow or temperature changes.
  4. Enhancing colors and textures: The wet effect impregnation highlights the beauty of the paving stones, enhancing its colors and texture. It gives the effect of depth and intensity, making the cube more visually attractive.
  5. Aesthetic wet effect: The wet effect impregnation gives the paving stones a wet effect, which creates an elegant and modern look. This effect adds aesthetic appeal to the space and increases the impression of quality and attention to detail in a given place.

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