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The fight against fungi and eruptions

Water-based impregnation for removing mosses, lichens, green blooms and mold. It effectively copes with dirt on cobblestones, bricks, clinker, natural stones and concrete. Our product dries the walls and protects against the return of fungus and moisture.

Health is most important!

Moisture in the building most often results in the formation of all kinds of harmful efflorescence and fungi. Their development negatively affects our health and weakens the structure of the building. So let's take care of proper impregnation of our property. After all, prevention is easier than cure!

Once, fine!

Our agent is extremely easy to use, fast in action and safe for the material. Suitable for use on any surface except glass and metal. Can be used on roofs, facades, facades, fences and substrates. It does not require mechanical cleaning or the use of specialized machines. There is also no need to use a lot of water.

Don't wait, secure!

Apply the preparation to the soiled material, wait from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and then rinse. The agent does not require rinsing in hard-to-reach places. The preparation will effectively remove green discolorations and solve our problems with fungi and efflorescence.