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Promotional sets

  • SPECIALCHEM set for sandstone – cleaning + impregnation

    44,90 EUR - 669,90 EUR
    Choose a capacity
  • NANOSECUR Impregnate for shower cabins

    79,90 EUR - 749,00 EUR
    Choose a capacity
  • Sandstone set - SPECIALCHEM cleaning + NANO-BAU impregnation

    45,90 EUR - 699,90 EUR
    Choose a capacity
  • SPECIALCHEM set for Architectural Concrete cleaning + impregnation

    209,90 EUR - 689,90 EUR
    Choose a capacity

Articles and tips

Impregnations for construction

We offer the highest quality impregnations intended for the construction sector. After some time, buildings lose their aesthetics. If we want to properly take care of our houses, garages,

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Protection of paving stones

We present Impregnation for the protection of all types of paving stones. Effectively and permanently protects the material against stains and dirt, making it resistant to water and dirt. In addition

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