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Protection of paving stones

We present Impregnation for the protection of all types of paving stones. Effectively and permanently protects the material against stains and dirt, making it resistant to water and dirt. In addition, it hydrophobicizes it, and in the winter it facilitates de-icing, because it has frost-resistant properties!

Safe and effective!

The product perfectly copes with the protection of concrete, ceramic and granite cubes. If we want to permanently protect our driveways or paths, it is worth impregnating them with our agent, which is almost 100% biodegradable.

More protection, less cleaning!

Our cube, like any surface, is exposed to changing weather conditions. It has to deal with sunlight, rain, snow and mud. Impregnation is therefore essential if we want paths, squares and courtyards to be "alive" and much easier to clean.

Follow the recommendations!

The surface to be impregnated must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. The preparation is applied by spraying. In addition, the material must be protected against contact with any liquid substances for at least 5 hours after use!