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NANOAUTO SMOKE REMOVER – it is an innovative cigarette smoke neutralizer that also effectively eliminates other unpleasant odors. Our product was created to improve hygiene standards and prevent the re-emergence of odors in various means of transport, such as taxis, private cars, buses and means of transporting food and industrial products.

Product details


Is there an unpleasant smell in your car or other means of transport? NANOAUTO SMOKE REMOVER with vanilla scent can help you! Our innovative cigarette smoke neutralizer also effectively eliminates other unpleasant odors, so you can enjoy freshness and clean air for a longer time.

NANOAUTO SMOKE REMOVER contains natural complexing compounds that neutralize the source of unpleasant odors, and not only mask them. Our product is safe for the user and the surface because it does not contain aggressive detergents, chlorine or strong oxidants. You can use it on upholstery, rugs, leather and washable surfaces.

Thanks to the fogging option, our cigarette smoke neutralizer will effectively reach hard-to-reach places, eliminating unpleasant odors. It is an ideal solution for people involved in passenger transport, such as taxis or vehicle rental companies, because it removes unpleasant odors and leaves a fresh and pleasant scent in vehicle interiors.

NANOAUTO SMOKE REMOVER is also suitable for removing other odors, such as the smell of fish, urine or feces. Thanks to our product, you can enjoy clean air and improve hygiene standards in various means of transport. Try it today!


Effective odor neutralization: The agent effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors that may be persistent and difficult to remove, such as cigarette smoke, urine odors, marten odors in the engine compartment, stink, rot or food odors.

Musty odor reduction: NANOAUTO SMOKE REMOVER greatly reduces the musty odor that may occur in closed spaces caused by moisture.


Instructions for use NANOAUTO SMOKE REMOVER:

  • Before use, shake the package vigorously to mix the contents well.
  • Spray the agent onto the surface from which the odor is to be removed.
  • Leave it to dry.
  • In case of very persistent odors, the operation should be repeated.

NANOAUTO SMOKE REMOVER is a product that will work great in various means of transport - from taxis to private cars, buses and even industrial vehicles. Its versatile use allows it to be used on upholstery, rugs, leather, as well as on washable surfaces such as cockpits and cargo spaces.

Practical and easy to use – NANOAUTO SMOKE REMOVER is an ideal solution for people involved in transport. Removes difficult-to-remove odors, leaving a fresh and pleasant aroma in the interior of the vehicle.

manufacturer's website → www.nanobiz.pl

check the blog: www.smartblond.blog

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