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NANOSECUR Impregnate for shower cabins


  • A sensational set for comprehensive protection of shower cabins, sinks and ceramic tiles in your home.
  • For use on surfaces made of glass and glazed ceramics such as glazed tiles, washbasins, bidets and toilet bowls.
  • Gives a self-cleaning effect!
  • Effectively prevents the deposition of stone soap suds and other dirt.
  • Works up to 3 years!
  • It gives invisible protection in the form of a nano-coating that repels water and dirt!

Product details

NANOSECUR Impregnation for shower cabins that will make your shower cabin look like new!

Have you ever wondered why your shower cabin always looks old and neglected? Are you tired of fighting with soap suds and scale? We have a solution for you – NANOSECUR NANOPROTECTION FOR SHOWER CABINS AND CERAMICS!

This amazing set is comprehensive protection for your shower cabin, washbasins and ceramic tiles in your home. Regardless of whether you have glazed tiles, washbasins, bidets or toilet bowls - NANOSECUR will take care of them!

NANOSECUR is a unique impregnation that gives a self-cleaning effect! Forget about wasting time fighting dirt every day. Thanks to NANOSECUR, the deposition of soap suds, scale and other unwanted substances will be just a memory of the past.

But it is not everything! NANOSECUR works for up to 3 years! This gives you the confidence that your shower cabin will look like new for a long time. You no longer have to worry about cleaning it regularly.

Moreover, NANOSECUR creates an invisible protective nano-coating that repels water and dirt. Thanks to this, your shower cabin will always be clean and shiny. Discover a new level of cleanliness and freshness!

Don't waste any more time fighting dirt. Choose NANOSECUR and enjoy the beauty of your shower cabin without unnecessary effort. Choose effectiveness and durability. Choose NANOSECUR!


60ml/60ml - enough for an area of ​​up to 12m²;

100ml/100ml - enough for an area of ​​up to 20m²

The sets include 2 preparations for impregnation!

The box contains:

  1. Degreaser - bottle number 1.
  2. Impregnate - bottle number 2.
  3. Sponge for applying the product.
  4. Two microfiber cloths for application.
  5. Detailed application instructions.


The manufacturer of the NANOSECUR NANOPROTECTION set for shower cabins and ceramics is the Polish company Nanobiz.pl Sp. z o. o. dealing with nanotechnology since 2007, constantly improving its recipes to meet the highest standards and your expectations.


It protects the surfaces of shower cabins and ceramic elements in your surroundings, such as: shower cabins, washbasins, bidets, toilets, ceramic and stoneware tiles.

The product is not suitable for impregnating surfaces made of plastic, metal, rubber, polycarbonate. In extreme cases, it can dull these surfaces.

Preparation of the surface before applying the NANOSECUR NANOPROTECTION FOR SHOWER STABILITIES AND CERAMICS set:

The impregnation should only be applied to clean and dry surfaces. Before application on the glass surface, it should be thoroughly washed, dried and degreased (bottle no. 1). Not cleaning the surface may cause the product to malfunction. There must be no stone or other dirt on the surface to be impregnated. For washing, you can use generally available cleaning agents, preferably with a high alcohol content.

Before use, protect elements that are not impregnated with tape or foil, e.g. gaskets, plastics or other elements in direct contact with the surface to be impregnated.

The product should be used in accordance with the instructions included in the kit. The surface should be degreased with bottle No. 1, after degreasing proceed to the application of the impregnating agent from bottle No. 2, wait 4 hours for the preparation to acquire its properties and it's ready!

Very easy application.


Thanks to proper impregnation with the NANOSECUR NANOPROTECTION FOR SHOWER CABINS AND CERAMIC set, you will gain many benefits.

The impregnation creates a self-cleaning surface, which makes it easier to keep impregnated surfaces clean. It also provides a coating that protects against the erosion of contaminants such as dirt, soap or limescale deposits.

Additionally, it facilitates the flow of water thanks to an invisible nano-coating. Thanks to this, most of the dirt flows away with water, and cleaning the surface becomes easy - most often, a damp cloth or traditional cleaning agents is enough.

The impregnated surface requires less frequent washing, and you no longer need aggressive detergents to clean it. You save on cleaning agents and the time needed for cleaning.

Impregnation also increases protection against damage by dirt, soap suds or stone. That's why it's worth using NANOSECUR NANOPROTECTION FOR SHOWERS AND CERAMICS to enjoy cleanliness and protection of your surfaces.


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